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Tia Hayek founder and creator of TIA By Tia Hayek

"If you were to glance at my jewelry you could get a good picture of who I am, and who I aspire to be. Jewelry is a creative outlet for self expression and self discovery."

Create jewelry that inspires your reality!

  • It's my favorite

    "I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The necklace is a gorgeous piece that I have received numerous compliments on since I started wearing it."


  • Love it!

    "This bracelet is super cute! I barely notice wearing it most of the time. I love how lightweight it is and adds that little extra sparkle to my outfits!"


  • My gf loved the gift!

    "I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a custom piece, it was a fantastic experience from start to finish! The process of speaking with the jeweler was seamless."


  • So unique!

    "The wire wrapping technique is truly unique and adds an extra touch of elegance to the overall look of the earrings."


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Handcrafted, Sustainable, & Ethically Sourced

Why Shop Handcrafted?

Each delicately handcrafted piece of jewelry is unique in its creation, never duplicated and only rarely replicated. Once you make your choice, it's yours and yours alone. 

The Sustainable Process

To maximize our zero waste strategy, we repurpose any unsold items that can be redesigned. Our packaging is 100% compostable, with ink made out of soy bean.

Ethically Sourced

Our jewelry materials are either handpicked from local small businesses in Toronto, or sourced from thrifted pieces of vintage jewelry. It benefits the environment, boosts the economy and provides support to businesses like ours.