At TIA we strive to become a fully sustainable brand. Making a difference in the jewelry industry is important in order to leave a positive lasting impression for the generations to come. 

We take pride in using fully eco-friendly packaging that includes:

  • The tags and thank-you notes are made from 100% recycled paper with natural hemp twine string.
  • The bubble mailers are 100% compostable, they can be reused and/or disposed of in the compost bins.
  • The stamps are made of 65% post-consumer plastics, which gives plastic materials already in circulation a second chance. The ink is soy-based. 
  • Some of our beads are biodegradable. We make sure to reuse materials from any unsold items that can be redesigned.

Our jewelry materials are either handpicked from Toronto's small businesses or sourced from thrifted vintage jewelry. It benefits the environment, boosts the economy and provides support to businesses like ours. For us, supporting one another is the most sustainable way to ensure shared growth in our communities.

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