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6 Reasons You Should Shop Small: The Benefits of Supporting Local & Online Businesses

Are you tired of the same old shopping routine at big-box stores? Want to feel good about your shopping habits while also making a positive impact on your community? 

You've probably heard the saying "shop small" before; it has become a buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. It is all about supporting your local or online businesses. There are lots of advantages to shopping small, and we've highlighted a few of our favorites below. So, the next time you need a new pair of shoes, a birthday present, or anything else, consider going to a small business. You won't regret it! 

Supporting local economies

When you shop small, you are not only helping the owners and their families achieve their dreams. You are also supporting the community. Small businesses are the backbone of any community, and they play an important role in keeping money circulating within it.

Consider this: Every dollar you spend at a small business is reinvested back into the community. It's used to pay employees, rent or lease local real estate, and buy supplies from other local businesses. This money then circulates throughout the community, stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

That is not all. Shopping locally also contributes to a sense of community spirit and unity. We get to know the people behind local businesses when we shop there. We form relationships with them and support their efforts to improve our communities.

Unique products and experiences

Small businesses are commonly owned and operated by people who are enthusiastic about their products and services. These businesses frequently have a niche focus and cater to a specific market, offering products and services that are tailored to their customers' needs and desires. As a result, they provide unique and personalized experiences that you won't find at big-box stores.

It gives you access to unique products that you won't find anywhere else, whether you're shopping for clothing, food, or home goods. Moreover, the personalized attention you receive from the owner or staff can make all the difference when it comes to finding the perfect item or resolving any issues.

Building personal connections

Shopping small allows you to build personal connections with the people behind the business. When you shop at small businesses, you can get to know the owners, employees, and other customers, creating a sense of community and connection. This type of interaction is often lacking in large companies, where the focus is on efficiency and volume.

These personal connections can lead to long-term relationships, and small business owners often go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. They remember your name, preferences, and interests, making every shopping experience unique and enjoyable. That's not to say that big businesses don't care about their customers—they do. But the difference is that when you shop at a small business, you're not just another number in a long line of customers. You're part of the family.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Supporting small businesses helps encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. When people see that their communities support small businesses, they are more likely to start their own businesses and take risks to create something new. This is especially important in today's economy, where job security is uncertain and many people are looking for ways to become their own bosses.

By shopping small, you are helping to create an environment that supports entrepreneurship and encourages people to pursue their passions. This, in turn, contributes to the creation of new businesses and job opportunities, both of which are necessary for local communities to grow and thrive.

Benefits the Environment

Shopping at small businesses benefits the environment as well.Picture this: buying products made by small businesses is usually better for the environment because less energy and resources are wasted on transportation and production costs. They frequently source materials locally, which reduces the amount of energy used for transportation. Since most have a smaller staff, they have a lower environmental impact.

You'll also be assisting businesses that are more likely to use environmentally friendly practices such as renewable energy, low-impact packaging materials, and sustainable farming techniques. By purchasing from small businesses, you are directly supporting their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint!

Online shopping options

The rise of e-commerce has made shopping small online easier than ever. To reach a larger audience, many small businesses now have their own websites and use platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, or Shopify. Shopping from these businesses online gives you access to unique and high-quality products from all over the world, while also supporting small businesses and allowing you to shop from the comfort of your own home. Before making a purchase, you can even save time by browsing products and reading reviews.


The next time you have a choice, we hope you will choose to shop small. When you do so, you're not only helping your community, but you're also supporting a dream and slowly creating the kind of world you want to live in—a world in which businesses of all sizes can thrive. A world with more jobs, more community involvement, and a distinct character that can only be found in businesses that are rooted in their communities. 



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