Ton Début Rediscover Yourself

Taking A Closer Look At "Ton Début"

French has long been used in movies, tv shows, music, and everything else media related as the language of romance. However, the commonality of all media and their use of french was to romanticize falling in love with another human being but never with yourself first.

You need to choose yourself, and in the spirit of this new beginning, we want you to fall in love with yourself before making the effort to fall in love with someone else. If you aren't able to give yourself more than you give others, then how else do you expect to be present, to be grateful, and to grow? 

This is a reminder to spoil yourself and make your happy moments. Rewrite your narrative to make the most of the time you’ve been given. You don’t have to wait for a life-altering event to make a life changing decision, to finally put yourself first. Rediscover yourself, what brings you joy? What motivates you? What steps you can take to make your journey exciting?

Just as the “language of love” romanticizes love and relationships, treat yourself with the same kindness, patience, and affection. This is the inspiration behind the name of our collection “Ton Debut”, meaning your beginning. 

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Handmade red crystal and pink rubellite stone dangle drop earrings, bracelet, and pendant necklace.

Aimer Set

The first set of this collection carries the theme of romanticization with the French word "Aimer," meaning “to love." Rubellite is a heart chakra stone that brings with it love, peace, and harmony. This set also inspires compassion and gentleness towards yourself. 

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A pair of handcrafted wire-wrapped and beaded turquoise earrings, a matching pendant necklace, and beaded bracelet.

Bliss Set

In the world of crystals, turquoise is one of the most spiritual stones. It represents luck, peace, and protection while also being a symbol of beauty, strength, and wisdom. Handmade with Turquoise stones, "Bliss" promotes independence and uniqueness, which contributes to a more upbeat outlook.

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