Tia by Tia Hayek Handcrafted Jewelry Make A Statement Collection

The Story Behind: Make A Statement Sets

Every piece of jewelry we design is meant to resonate with its owner, hence why most of our pieces are one of one; created once and never again.

There are a few reasons ‌our pieces are so limited. That's because each piece is handmade with specific intentions without a planned-out sketch, and our recycled jewelry can be broken down into only a few different pieces at a time. 

We believe that jewelry is worn for many reasons. Whether the piece is a reminder of someone special, or it's a piece you've gifted yourself, it holds a strong meaning and sentimental significance. In our latest collection, we decided ‌matching sets created with and for the same intention would make for a more powerful statement, and from that, our collection was born. 

With these first three sets, get to know our “Make A Statement” collection on a personal level, and if you feel called to a piece, don't hesitate.

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A matching set of a handmade pair of earrings and necklace made using evil eye and chili pepper charms.

Chili Set

The Chili Set sends a powerful message to stay fierce and confident. Chili charms are considered lucky charms and are thought to bring good fortune when represented in their freshest form. The combination of the red chili pepper and evil eye charms intends to protect from negative energies, and bring good luck. Rock these pieces separately or together for the complete look.

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A matching handcrafted necklace, bracelet and earrings evil eye and crystal beaded set.

Third Eye Set

The Third Eye Set is all about daring to stand out while remaining shielded and protected from the evil eye. Since this set includes a bracelet, earrings, and a necklace, you can mix and match the pieces or wear them all at once for a completely unique and one-of-a-kind look!

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A matching emerald stone necklace and earrings set

Lush Set

The Lush Set brings together two enchanting pieces of jewelry designed with an emphasis on the emerald stones they showcase. The intention behind this set is focused on the emerald stones’ symbolism in relation to romance, rebirth, and growth. Be bold in your choices, actions, and jewelry.

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